Welcome to Italy

We are currently sitting in the shadows of the Italian alps, being blanketed in snow, and preparing for the first races of our OPA Cup campaign. So what does that look like? Thanks to Eric Packer’s new camera, I can show you.

We flew into Zurich, Switzerland on Wednesday morning and began a 6.5 hour drive south which eventually brought us to the town of Cretaz and our hotel, which is so small and Italian you might as well call it Hotel Pellegrino.


Unfortunately, that is not its name, the Notre Maison is only a short walk from the race venue, and some days the snow stopped long enough for us to make the journey on foot.


The next day we moved into our wax cabins, and began the long process of sorting out skis for this weekend’s races.


The food here is good enough to make grown men cry. The highlight is the pasta course of every meal. The portion size of these dishes would make Michael Phelps blush, but it’s the taste that really steals your heart. Even something as simple as pasta with marinara sauce approaches sublimity; it’s a heap of butter-laden, basil-kissed joy. “Pasta” is too weak a word for the handmade heaven in every bowlfulTomatoes must beg for the chance to end up in a dish like this… Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yes, skiing! We are here to ski! (And eat).


This morning, almost all of the boys (and Julia!) joined up for some pre-race intervals.


Even though we spend almost 5 months a year on the road together, skiing in the same towns at the same times, we very rarely take the time to train together and learn from one another. Being on this trip gives us that opportunity, and I have always believed it’s one of the most fun (and important) parts of our experience over here.


Tomorrow is the first race of our European odyssey, and we know that whether it’s the best race of the season or the worst, we have plenty or racing, learning, and fun ahead of us.

Also we will be stuffed so full of pasta we may very well explode.



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