24 Rules

I recently had a birthday, and so like many Moms do, my Momma spent some of the day looking at old pictures and sharing them with me. Every picture had a story behind it, and I found myself wondering: Were there any lessons hidden in these memories? Some of the time, there was nothing, and some of the time there was much more than I thought at first glance. So thank you to Mom for the lovely and embarrassing photos, and here are 24 totally 100% accurate and inviolable pieces of advice I have learned to follow during my life time.

  1. Just because you can eat it, doesn’t mean you should.          IMG_1734
  2. A bow tie is like a wrapped gift, if you wear one every day, it won’t be a treat.        IMG_8957
  3. No one can tell you what type of music you like, or how to dance to it. recording (1)
  4. If it looks stupid but it works, it isn’t all that stupid. keen
  5. Hula-Hoops can be used as weapons.  
  6. Dogs are nature’s greatest creations and must be protected at all costs. IMG_0421
  7. Accessories are the key to looking fashionable.                       IMG_2195
  8. Teaching people things is always more fun than you think it will be.                 IMG_2995
  9. Always make sure you have a way back down.                             IMG_1263
  10. Everyone can be a hero to someone else.                                 IMG_0653
  11. Sometimes you’re gonna get all vowels, but that doesn’t mean you give up.              IMG_2661
  12. Paddy Caldwell will always steal your look.                                               IMG_3551
  13. Speaking of Paddy Caldwell, old photos never die.                                                              IMG_0796
  14. You can learn a lot about someone by playing board games with them.   IMG_1184
  15. NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, allow your hair to be straightened against your will.                                                   IMG_0050
  16. Make sure the people you follow around are the type of people you want to be someday. 
  17. Face Swaps can be pretty hit or miss.                           IMG_2464
  18. Just because sunscreen isn’t glamorous doesn’t mean you can’t pose like you’re in a cologne ad when you put it on.                     IMG_8975
  19. Not everyone will love ribs as much as you do, and that’s ok. You can still love each other.IMG_0645
  20. If you have any questions about the pain cave, speak to Bryan Fish.    IMG_0260
  21. If you want to get somewhere quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.     IMG_1439
  22. It’s important to reeeeeeach for your goals.                          IMG_3784
  23. Mountains have the best sunsets.     FullSizeRender
  24. Barring court appearances, costumes are almost always a good idea.                            IMG_8999


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