Lake Placid Camp and early fall

This post is a few weeks late, and I sincerely apologize for that, but let me give you an update (and a lot of pictures) on how our last US Ski Team camp went in Lake Placid, New York.

The fall camp was amazing, and Lake Placid was looking gorgeous for our yearly return to the Adirondacks. It was only a one week camp, which is half as long as we normally stay, and we compensated for having less time, by increasing our intensity. Basically we smushed two weeks of camp into one, which meant a LOT of intervals and subsequently a LOT of midday naps. Our first intensity session of camp was a skate threshold workout where we practiced our distance race pacing in the nearby town of Upper Jay. We had a professional photographer and friend of the ski community named Reese Brown on hand to capture some excellent photos of the day.


Me during intervals


Andy, Simi, Paddy, and I riding the pain train during skate intervals


More from the pain train

Normally just one interval workout is enough for us, but since we were upping out game, we followed that skate workout with a really fast L4(sprint racing) classic workout that same afternoon.


Me tailing Andy during classic sprint intervals

Camp continued at a breakneck pace until our final intensity workout which was a sprint race on the rollerski track at the Lake Placid ski jumping complex. The complex is used often by the US Biathlon(skiing and guns!) team and they put in a world class rollerski loop that dives up and down the contours of the ski jumping hill which allows us to practice skiing in an environment much like the ski trails we see in the winter. Sprint racing is my favorite type of skiing, so needless to say, I was pretty excited for the workout.

lp sprint quali

Striding it out in the finish of our sprint race qualifier in Lake Placid

I had a great workout, and got to duke it out with my teammate Simi Hamilton all day.

lp sprint quarters

Simi and I tuck around the corner

lp sprint quarters 2

Up the finishing hill of the sprint race quarterfinal

lp sprint semi

Hey Simi and I look pretty similar in this one!

lp sprint semi 2

Hey, we look similar in this one too!

lp sprint final 2

Ok this similarity thing is starting to seem weird

lp sprint final 4

Ok it’s getting really weird

lp sprint final 5

Ok, this is just too much

lp sprint semi 3

Tucking around the corner in the final

Placid Camp ended with an amazing 3+ hour run through the Adirondack mountains. It was rainy and windy and foggy, and we couldn’t have been any happier.


My teammate Annie and I on top of Algonquin Peak in the Adirondacks


The whole T2 team at the end of a hard Lake Placid Camp

The early fall also had a lot of adventures for our T2 team back in Vermont.

We were lucky enough to have a visitor for most of September, one my best friends in the whole world Kyle Bratrud from Eden Prarie MN. Kyle just graduated from Northern Michigan University, and is in his first year of professional skiing so he came out to Vermont to train with the T2 team for a while.



It is hard to overstate how lucky we were to have Kyle with us because he is an excellent skier, but also an excellent person and any time I can have a friend like him close by life gets a lot better.


Friends are cool

We also held one of our inaugural T2 Pizza night at the local General store. Annie Hart(also a Minnesotan) and I did prep work in the kitchen all day and then manned the pizza oven and served pizzas to the community nonstop from 6 till 9.


You can’t tell that we’ve been her for 7 hours


The middle of the pizza rush

Having the whole community come together to share a meal and good times was one of the more extraordinary things I’ve gotten to do as a member of the T2 team and I can’t wait till we get to do it again next year.


The beautiful T2 team speaking to the community at the end of a long pizza night

Well there’s a brief update of the early fall, check back soon for an update on our current US Ski Team camp out in Park City Utah SPOILER ALERT: the mountains are beautiful.

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