Fall Highlights!

Wow, first blog on the new website. This feels funny, but my teammates are pretty fantastic bloggers so I need to do the best I can to keep up with them, and keep you guys caught up with all my skiing adventures. Here’s a     (not so) brief summary of the fall months.

The fall has brought a whole slew of new adventures with it, starting of course with my time hosting a SpeedCamp at home in the Twin Cities! Speed Camp is an awesome event me and my teammates on the US Men’s Ski Team started in order to get younger skiers psyched up about Nordic and more importantly GO FAST. We had skiers aged 7-18 that hailed from major clubs all over the Twin Cities show up and make it an incredible event. Despite being hassled by the Three Rivers Park District for our large group size, Hyland Park played a perfect host, and everyone had a blast, especially when they got to try on the GoPro helmet cam. FinnSisu sponsored the camp and I can’t thank them enough for making the first ever SpeedCamp in my home state a huge success!

The is the link to the video I made out of our SpeedCamp!


Right after my brief visit home, I flew off to Park City where my teammates from SMST2 and the US Ski Team started a month-long camp that would take us all the way to the great white north(that’s right Canada, I’m talking about you.)


Paddy and I training at Soldier Hollow

My friend (and fellow D-team member) Patrick “Paddy” Caldwell headed out to Park City a couple of days ahead of the rest of the group in order to fit in some physical testing at the USSA’s Center of Excellence as well as enjoy the benefits of a few extra days adjusting to altitude before the camp’s intensity period began.


When Park City kicked into gear, my teammates and I put together another SpeedCamp with the local skiers from as close as Park City and as far away as California, they were a lot of fun (though not quiiite as awesome as the Minnesota boys).


PC SpeedCamp



The Park City camp had a heavy focus on speed and intensity with a few epic long runs thrown in. The highlight of the long sessions was a 21 mile odyssey in the snow from the bottom of the ski mountains all the way up to our condos at just over 8,000ft. Speed sessions are always my favorite type of workout, we set up stations such as starts.


Practicing Starts


and finishes


Practicing Finishes (with Miles Havlick)


then go as hard and as fast as we can for 10-20 seconds in order to build as much speed as we can.

After several weeks in Utah we packed our bags and headed up to Canmore Alberta where we got the golden opportunity to train on snow.

Canmore is perhaps the most naturally beautiful place I have ever been to, and every time I drive in from Calgary I am still taken aback.


I definitely did not take this picture

Every spring the beautiful people at the Canmore Nordic Center take all of their remaining snow and bury it under sawdust and insulation in a gigantic hole where they leave it all summer until the fall when it gets cold enough for them to bull doze it out into a loop just shy of 2 kilometers. They do this at a financial loss every year, and we owe them big time. As such, we usually treat it with a grave seriousness…


Jason Cork and I getting serious on the snow


Canadian Lenny Valjas and I being serious on the downhill

In actuality, there was some real training that went on at camp, and I believe it was some of the most vital training that has happened all fall.


Andy Newell and I rocking a speed on the Frozen Thunder

When we train on rollerskis(as we do 7 months out of the year) we are only really able to grasp a fraction of what it’s like to ski on snow itself. A lot of things feel different when rollerskiing, and every year our return to snow means making hundreds of tiny adjustments as we fall back into the familiar the familiar groomed tracks. Being able to find your smojo (snow-mojo) again is imperative and Canmore provides us ample opportunities to do so even before the season begins.


Paddy and I cheering on the ladies


In Canmore we did several races, including a sprint which is my favorite. I was lucky enough (or unfortunate enough depending on who you ask) to get put in a quarterfinal with Devon Kershaw, Andy Newell, and Lenny Valjas who have all climbed onto the podium in World Cup Sprints. Even though no one is on their peak form yet, it was a priceless opportunity to get to ski behind these guys and gain a little bit of their experience.


Two World Cup podium sprinters and some random guy…

After Canmore I flew back to NYC where I attended the USSA’s Gold Medal Gala, a massive fundraising event at the Museum of Natural History.


The USSA Athlete crew from the Gala


I had never been to New York City before, but it’s safe to say I officially love it. In my first two hours there, I met (see: said “hi” to) Ben Stiller, checked into a 4 star hotel, and ate from no less than 4 street vendors, and saw Times Square. The dinner itself was a blast and I sat an awesome table with great supporters, but my teammate Sophie and I agreed that the highlight was definitely the dinosaur exhibit.



Right now I’m back in Stratton Vermont enjoying a little down time before we fly out to West Yellowstone to get the season underway! We’re enjoying the winter-ish weather even if it means layering up a little more than we’re used to.


We definitely don’t have any fun on this team….

Now that this website is up and running, posts will be coming every couple of days, and they won’t all be this long, and the photos will usually be my own (sorry Hoff and sorry Google.) I hope you’ll come back frequently to check it out!




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